Vegan Protein

Vegetable protein enriched with vitamins and minerals, chocolate flavor.

40 servings | 1,640 g
10 sources of 100% vegetable protein.
24 g of protein per serving.
Pre and probiotics.
Mixed green vegetables.

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The complement that will help you reach your goals

24 g | Protein

They are proteins from legumes, vegetables, seeds and cereals, the combination of each and every one of them favors a correct supply of essential amino acids.

5 mg | BioPerine®

It is the only patented piperine product, its scientific studies show that it favors the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and antioxidants.

1 bn | Probiotics

They are living microorganisms with multiple benefits, mainly promoting digestive health, regulating immune function and intestinal flora.

264 mg | Minerals

Our mixture of minerals help for the formation of structures such as bones, the proper functioning of muscles and the brain, as well as to generate a balance in body fluids. Given their importance and the body's inability to produce them, minerals are considered essential micronutrients.

*Contents per serving